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The Feed devours Lollapalooza 2017

All killer…no filler. What does Lollapalooza have to do with business and tech? Let your boy Sean Froelich dish it out for you on another DELUXE edition of The Feed. On this episode Sean speaks with Slothrust about dedication and the music industry. This is followed by a chat with Lady Pills and other students…

It’s me. The American Product.

It’s the Fourth of July. America is now 241 years old. You may pop a bottle of Barefoot Sparkling Wine or ponder our history for a bit. I can’t dictate how you spend your damn holiday. Since I have you here, let’s take a moment and consider our economy. The United States has an estimated…

Your career path is unique, own it

Justyn Howard is the founder of Sprout Social, a web application that help companies expand their social media presence. The discussion also turned towards the virtues of Facebook Live video and whether or not it’s a useful tool for marketing or news-making. Sprout Social was voted one of the best places to work by Glassdoor.