Let seniors enjoy a life of dignity

Asif Khan founded Caremerge to help incentive senior care facilities to offer specialized care and lighten the burden. Caremerge creates simple-to-use tech that helps simplify the complexities of individual care for the senior-living communities. Family can also keep up-to-date on the care for their loved ones through the software.

An alternative to lower health care costs

Procured Health is finding solutions for hospitals to provide better care at a lower cost. President and Chief Strategy Officer Eric Meizlish was inspired after seeing medical products being marked up without the hospital’s knowledge. According to Meizlish, health care only changes when it has to, and “when” came after the Affordable Care Act passed.

Your kid could build robots after school

Kids are getting their hands on robotics and programming in Chicago. Digital Adventures  Co- Founder Omowale Casselle helps kids after school to teach them about tech and programming. Learn how Casselle is working to cut costs and spread his program across the country. Showbiz Shelly joins Scott Kitun to talk about the most recent celebrity-tech…