Episode NO.405

Otto Othman, founder and CEO of Pincho, joins the show with Scott Kitun. Pincho is a street-food inspired burger and kebab shop based in Miami, Florida. Otto, a former UX designer, talks about the origin story of how he and his cousin originally came up with a plan to sell his mom’s pincho kebab recipe by opening up Pincho (formerly called Pincho Factory).

Born and raised in Brazil, Otto says Pincho is basically a Latin twist on American classics like burgers, kebabs, chicken sandwiches (salads too) and hot dogs…getting hungry yet? In this fun foodie conversation, Scott and Otto get into the food industry and how to scale a business like Pincho similar to Chicago’s iconic Portillo’s food chain.

Otto talks about how his background in tech helped fuel Pincho’s growth during the pandemic – a time when many restaurants are struggling – and growing the fast-casual concept, or as Scott likes to call it, “the athleisure of restaurants”. Pincho recently raised $20 million from Savory Fund to rapidly expand its presence across multiple states in Florida and Texas.