You’re wasting money on software. Just. Don’t.

We know too little about software. Which is dangerous since it’s so global. Flexera CEO Jim Ryan is making the process of selling software more transparent, secure and effective. With software being so rooted in our everyday life, there’s a lot of room for sunk costs and dysfunction. Flexera seeks to solve this. Scott and…

Invest in the world’s best prosecco: Altaneve

Appearing on Technori’s Startup Showcase, Altaneve is using the crowdfunding platform to help raise money for their prosecco and reach the entire world. Coming straight from the Italy-Austria border, Altaneve has been in the prosecco business for nearly 10 generations. Become a part of their family today:

The Startup Showcase Live

  Technori is where the world’s emerging startups come to showcase! We help startups gain traction by engaging with thousands of would-be investors, partners, and customers through our highly curated showcase events and media channels. Until now, starting and investing in companies has been reserved for only the wealthiest 3%. So, we’ve partnered with Republic to let anyone invest directly in the startups that…

The Feed: eSports is legit

eSports is legit Is #eSports in the same company as the #NBA or #MLB? Here's some evidence that points to YES! #GAMEON Posted by Technori on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Is #eSports in the same company as the #NBA or #MLB? Here’s some evidence that points to YES! #GAMEON